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Area of Studies

The Institute of Sports Sciences at University of Taipei is the strongest graduate program in the area of exercise physiology of the nation.  Master’s degree program is most appropriate for students who wish to apply and critically evaluate their knowledge through research and practice in sports, healthcare or industry settings and can be combined with focused course work in other fields. Doctoral degree is also available and is designed to lead to academic research and teaching careers or to research careers in government or industry.  Faculty members of the Institute of Sports Sciences and their research interest are listed as followed:


Two published journal papers conducted at this department of UT are in the top 5% of all research outputs in the world scored by Altmetric.

Deep ocean mineral water accelerates recovery from physical fatigue

Abdominal fat-reducing outcome of exercise training: Fat burning versus hydrocarbon source redistribution?

Discovery Channel broadcasts our recent development of deep ocean water into fatigue solution for athletes.
We are proud to be one of the founder for Asian Nutrition Society for Sports and Health (ANSSH)
Our research in Discovery Channel


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