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Free Radical Scavenging System in Exercise Training

Principal Investigator: Dr Mallikarjuna Korivi
Curriculum Vita
Research Assistant Professor
Mailing Address: Laboratory of Exercise Biochemistry, 101 Jhongcheng Rd. Sec. 2, Shihlin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111.
Research Interest: According the ancient Chinese proverb “Work/Exercise is an elixir of life”. The program ‘Free Radical Scavenging System and Exercise’ is established to bring awareness among people about ‘how exercise training can protects our body from various stress-induced damages’. In the modern society, physical inactivity is one of the major risk for many metabolic diseases, which might be due to decreased antioxidant defense system. Since diminished antioxidant status linked with diseases, this program emphasis the importance of exercise training in improving the antioxidant status against various stress conditions. Improved antioxidant status certainly beneficial to cope the tissues damage and improve the cell survivability. In addition, this program also focused on herbal products supplementation to overcome from exhaustive exercise-induced oxidative damage. This orientation could help athletes to improve their body defense system against stress, which results after exhaustive performance.



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