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Department Introduction

Department of Sports Sciences
I. About the Institute:
(A) Institute History
The graduate institute was founded in 1999 and has continued to pursue academic excellence and international standards to this day. In 2011, the department began accepting students for study in its PhD program.
(II) Our Aims:
1. Advanced research facilities
To give our students the ability for high-level discussion and the room for self-motivated study to help them pursue their academic interests in a comfortable study environment.
2. High-quality equipment
Our graduate institute has 6 core laboratories (incl., exercise biochemistry, sports nutrition, athletic information transfer, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, sports psychology, and motor-neural science). Other common laboratory spaces include: cell culture lab, human and animal subject research lab, heart rate variability testing lab, and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry lab; all of these facilities are operational and open for use.
3. High-standards for extra-curricular academic events
The graduate institute has held several international academic events, and it periodically invites professionals and scholars from Taiwan and abroad to participate in lectures that broaden the international perspective of our students.
(III) Educational Vision and Goals
Our educational goal is to train professionals in the field of sports science. We recruit particularly gifted athletes in addition to talented students from a wide variety of other fields. Such a recruitment practice promotes inter-disciplinary cooperation and creative ability.
(IV) Core Abilities
We seek to instill four core abilities in our students:
1. Professional knowledge in sports science
2. Ability to express and market one’s ideas/knowledge
3. Ability to search for and study academy literature
4. Ability to work with a team

II. Faculty:
The graduate institute currently holds 4 full-time faculty members (2 professors, 1 associate professor, and 1 assistant professor) and 8 part-time members. All of our faculty members are professional and enthusiastic about teaching.

III. Core Curriculum:

1. Research in Physical and Athletic Labor
2. Metabolic Research and Exercise Physiology
3. Research in Cardiopulmonary Function
4. Research in Athletics and Endocrinology
5. Sports and Healthy Aging
6. Motor Control and Biomechanics
IV. Prospective Students:
Please go to our admissions webpage for further information: http://recruit.utaipei.edu.tw/index.php