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We highly value international diversity in education, which can provide great chance among students to broaden their view to the world by sharing knowledge. Most of our faculty members taught courses in English when there are international participants in class. For each year, submission for international application is opened during the period between 2nd of Febuary and 30th of March. To officially delivery your submission please go to the following website :  http://admission.utaipei.edu.tw/bin.home.php?Lang=en

It would be advantageous for applicants to communicate directly to one faculty member before your submission, which may largely increase the chance of acceptance. If you encounter any problem during submission, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our faculty members (c.c. to Department Chair Dr. Yang, Ai-Lun) for further assistance.

Joint Dual Degree Application (for students from University of Malaya)
Application to be a graduate student at 2020 Fall, please download the following application form and send it to lse791015@gmail.com for a check.
The official submission site can be found at http://www.esit.org.tw/student/index/login