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鄭溫暖 教授





Sport psychology, developed from applied psychology, has received increasing attention in academia. Although the field is relatively young, cumulative reports have shown that it is crucial to optimal performance especially under stress. Not only relevant psychological variables such as motivation, anxiety and coping are the main areas of research in sports sciences, practical skills including psychological training, psychological evaluation and counseling are also provided in our lab of applied psychology here. This is not just related to athletes but is also full of potential in leading to better lives for everyone. Welcome to visit our lab and explore what sport psychology can bring to your life.


姓名 : 鄭溫暖 教授
Name : Wen-Nuan Cheng
現職 : 臺北市立大學 專任教授
學歷 : 英國威爾斯大學運動心理博士
研究領域 : 運動心理學、焦慮與表現、心理諮商與輔導、休閒心理學
授課科目 : 運動心理學、進階心理學、心理諮商與輔導、休閒心理學、休閒治療
電子郵件 :
電話 : 02-2871-8288 ext 7272
傳真 : 02-2875-3383