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馬力克 博士





Exercise and Free Radical Biology

According the ancient Chinese proverb “Work/exercise is an elixir of life”. Regular physical activity improves the health and quality of life. In the modern society, physical inactivity is one of the major risk for many metabolic diseases, which might be due to altered antioxidant defense and related systems. Decreased antioxidant system particularly in liver can cause liver damage and further leads to liver cirrhosis if continuously exposed to free radicals. We emphasize the importance of exercise training in improving the antioxidant status against various stress conditions. Previously we reported improved antioxidant capacity in the liver of aged alcohol treated rats with exercise training. In addition, our research also focused on herbal products supplementation to overcome from oxidative damage. Recently we found Panax ginseng extracts protects liver from exhaustive swimming-induced oxidative damage and improve antioxidant status. This orientation could help athletes to improve their body defense system against stress, which results after exhaustive performance.

Dr Mallikarjuna Korivi


姓名 : 馬力克 博士
Name : Mallikarjuna Korivi
現職 : Research Assistant Professor Laboratory of Exercise Biochemistry
學歷 : Sri Venkateswara University, INDIA
研究領域 : 運動、老化與氧化壓力研究
電子郵件 :,
地址 : Taipei Physical Education College Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.