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蔡鏞申 教授





Developing excellent athletes requires care of their health and performance

Little league elbow is a common injury in youth baseball players. Throwing guidelines for youth baseball players mainly focus on overuse injury prevention. We found that there are differences in throwing kinematics between youth baseball players with and without a history of medial elbow pain. Although we are not able to conclude with certainty that these findings are the causes or results of elbow injury in youth baseball players, the factors can be considered while adjusting throwing posture for these players. Learning proper throwing kinematics as early as possible may assist in injury prevention for youth players.

Dr Yung-Shen Tsai


姓名 : 蔡鏞申 教授
Name : Tsai Yung-Shen
現職 : 臺北市立大學 運動器材科技研究所 專任教授
學歷 : 美國匹茲堡大學運動醫學博士
研究領域 : 運動生物力學
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