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蔡秀純 教授





Exercise improved the regulation and function of hormones

The function of endocrine glands was modulated by exercise. The Laboratory of Exercise Endocrinology has demonstrated that exhaustive exercise and glucose tolerance impairment reduced plasma testosterone secretion, and the administration of Codonopsis pilosula (danseng) improved the restoration of reproductive function, such as production of testosterone, count and activity of sperm. Our result also reveals that the glucose tolerance impairment-induced oxidative damage can be substantially suppressed in testicular and epididymis tissue in the animals which was supplemented with danseng for 4 weeks. We also study the effect of exercise intervention on hormones release and prevention of stroke in community-dwelling elders. We consider that exercise might be an important modulator to regulate the hormonal secretion and function, and this is also crucial for the individual health,

Dr. Shiow-Chwen Tsai


姓名 : 蔡秀純 副教授兼所長
Name : Shiow-Chwen Tsai
現職 : 臺北市立大學 運動科學研究所 副教授兼所長
學歷 : 國立陽明大學生理學博士
研究領域 : 運動與內分泌學
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