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郭家驊 特聘教授





We have discovered a collection of ginseng-based steroids that can increase muscle fiber regeneration, mediated by potentiation of inflammatory mechanism without observable increased basal leukocyte infiltration in skeletal muscle. It is generally consider increasing oxidative stress as an unwanted metabolic outcome. However, we have found that supplementation of prolonged ginseng-based steroids results in elevated ROS level yet leads to anti-inflammatory action against a muscle-damaging exercise. Among these ginseng-based steroids, Rg1 appears to be the only identified molecule, which can stabilize the cellular lipid structure against high-intensity exercise in humans. Lipid component in cells is vulnerable to reactive oxygen species inevitably generated during exercise. This is a potential factor that lowers cell function and therefore causes fatigue. High intensity endurance performance (80% VO2max) is significantly improved by pre-exercise Rg1 supplementation. We are proud that such discovery has contributed in part to Amnat Ruenroeng’s success in IBF flyweight boxing world title in Macau 2015 against the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Professor Chia-Hua Kuo
University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan


姓名 : 郭家驊 特聘教授兼研發長
Name : Chia-Hua Kuo
現職 : 臺北市立大學 運動科學研究所 特聘教授兼研發長
學歷 : 美國奧斯汀德州大學運動營養學博士
研究領域 : 運動營養學、運動與肥胖專論、運動與新陳代謝
授課科目 : 運動營養學、運動與肥胖專論、運動與新陳代謝
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個人手機 : 0970-540921
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電話 : 02-23113040 ext 7801
傳真 : 02- 2875-2002
地址 : 111 臺北市士林區忠誠路二段101號